Matt Ager

Matt Ager is an artist based in London who studied at Camberwell College of Art and The Royal Academy Schools. He makes sculptures and drawing from graphite, ceramic, plaster, domestic materials and found objects. He is particularly interested in fluidly composing works that address mimicry, design, and architecture. He believes that objects and textures carry particular identities which is continuously exploring through his practice. His primary focus is using making as a way of thinking. Through using a combination of existing materials alongside simple and sophisticated ways of fabrication, the work builds, nurtures, and embodies a social dialogue.

The work establishes a relationship with re-definition; it usually includes the use of the assisted readymade and builds narratives around social status and taste, constructing a crafted work out of something that may initially appear mundane.

He has exhibited in institutions and galleries internationally including the CASS Sculpture Foundation White Cube, SUNDY, Studio Leigh, High Gallery, Lokaal 01.

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