Susannah Rosenfeld-King
— Tutor Advanced Course Director Foundation Course Leader

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Rosenfeld-King is a multidisciplinary artist exploring their practice through the disciplines of alternative of lens-less photography, painting, printmaking, and drawing; between representations of surface and image and their importance in documenting environmental change, social standpoints and the Geopoetic connections thus generated. Images are taken from both real locations and found sources to produce an interrupted account of their reality, moving the actual into the realm of the imaginary and back again.

Rosenfeld-King has an MA in Fine Art from Middlesex University, a PGCE from Institute of Education at UCL and a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. She teaches Fine Art in Further and Higher Education, and is an exhibiting, professional artist.
Instagram: susannah_rosenfeldking

Susannah Rosenfeld King Photo