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Junior HSoA Exhibition

Junior HSoA Exhibition

"I am delighted to be exhibiting a selection of art works made by the young people who attend our artists lead workshops.                          

At HSoA we nurture and encourage young people of all ages to engage in making theire own artworks. Children are a hugely important part of Hampstead School of Art and we are passionate about celebrating their potential. We care about the benefits creativity can have for children's development and well-being and we want to inspire the next generation of artists and and creatives, so this is a very special exhibition which not only showcases the artwork created at the art school alongside artists but shows some of the processes and rich hands-on exploration that brings each session to life, alongside the shared knowledge of historic and contemporary artists.                                                                                         

When children get together with professional artists to explore meaning and to communicate ideas, a dynamic environment is created. Young people tell us that this way of working inspires their thinking and enriches their approach to subjects right across their learning.           

It's wonderful work."

Isabel H Langtry, Principal HSoA