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Caroline Deane Paintings and Drawings

Caroline Deane Paintings and Drawings

I am delighted to be exhibiting the work of Caroline Deane, a highly regarded international artist.

Caroline Deane describes herself as a classically influenced contemporary artist. Drawing inspiration from Ancient Chinese philosophy and painting in her figure sketches. Caroline paints largely on linen or on pre-prepared coloured surfaces which often leak through the composition contributing to the surface statement.

The paintings constitute intriguing layers of colour which chase the light to tell a story of time as observation itself. Alternating between oil painting and figure drawing Caroline believes that our brain can be divided between the emotional and spiritual and the intelligent and structural. By challenging herself to express these concepts she looks to include points of impact, points of subtlety, alongside good pictorial design. In recent years she has been exhibiting in China and London. The work is energising, beautiful, masterly crafted and innovative. The ideas reshape the way we look at the world, creating melting pots of vision to become actual memories. Caroline has a thought-provoking, inspiring and eye-opening practise.

Isabel H Langtry, Principal HSoA

Private View
Monday 3rd June