Deborah Harwood Setting

Deborah Harwood - Parallel Worlds

Deborah Harwood - Parallel Worlds

"I am delighted to be showcasing the high quality fine art textile practice and craftmanship of Deborah Harwood. It is my aim to bring to the public work of the highest quality, to highlight the breadth of contemporary fine art practice and to challenge notions of textiles. 

The work of Deborah Harwood represents a wide range of exciting interpretations of textile, a high level of experimenting, an exploration into the experimental approach to materials and processes which explores combinations of materials, texture, colour and pattern.

Harwood embraces new technologies and develops her own ways of working alongside her study of traditional textiles.

The innovative and wide ranging approach to the discipline and the holistic nature of her practical studio work is revealed in the narratives of fibre on display.

Art can be implied by the artist or imagined by the viewer.

The selected works display an enormous diversity of material and execution, carefully considered."

Isabel H Langtry, Principal HSoA