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HSoA Virtual will provide opportunities to continue to develop your talent and art making skills in your own home.

Enjoy a live studio class experience with tuition and personal feedback while connecting with friends and sharing experiences.


Virtual Studio with Desmond Healy

Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm

An interactive class exploring ways of making a painting with the most limited of means, seeing how artists of the past have made some of the greatest works without a studio. We will exchange ideas about drawing and painting and focus on developing your independent practice as a painter.

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Paint-along Live with Jack Ford
Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm

Paint alongside and observe the techniques of the skilled and charismatic artist Jack Ford as he creates a series of portraits live, with commentary throughout and intermittent Q&As. Jack (as seen on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year) helps you discover your own voice and style in portrait paintings.

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Virtual Studio with Desmond Healy

Tuesdays 10am-1pm

In this weekly online class with an open studio approach, we look at a wide range of artists from contemporary to old masters to help us understand how to structure a painting, whilst nurturing each student’s individual vision. Be willing to experiment - you will surprise yourself!

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Virtual Studio Live

Online Live with Martin Darbyshire
Thursdays 3pm - 6pm

This course will introduce you to ideas and processes that allow you to develop a 3D language by encouraging you to use materials from the domestic setting.
Classes will begin with a short presentation introducing you to different sculptors' work and a practical demonstration. You will then be able to work at your own pace whilst receiving advice and feedback from the tutor.

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Virtual Studio Live


Virtual Studio with Mick Kirkbride

Fridays 10am -1pm and 1.30-4.30pm

A weekly studio-based class with the option to join remotely, working alongside tutor Mick Kirkbride to develop techniques of watercolour painting. Looking at the handling of perspective and architecture, nature and people, this is a great class for beginners or the experienced student.

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Life Drawing

with Dolph Van Eden
Fridays 10am-1pm

Explore drawing from the partially clothed nude, short and long poses. The course will explore measurement, spontaneity, line, tone and colour. We will be referencing the work of artists drawings. Use different media: charcoal, graphite, pastel, watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic, within a virtual studio setting. All levels.

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Chinese Brush Painting


Virtual Studio with Xiaolan Gu

Mon 1pm - 4pm

With a few strokes of a Chinese brush your subject will come to life. In this studio-based class with the option to join remotely, students are introduced to traditional Chinese brush painting and through demonstration and individual learning develop skills in this highly expressive medium.

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Virtual Studio Live

with Dolph Van Eden

Mondays 2pm - 5pm

A weekly studio-based transformative drawing class with the option to join remotely. Develop your independent artistic practice through exploration, experimentation, artist-led projects, open studio discussion and regular critiques.

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Virtual Studio, Anniek Verholt

Mondays 6.30pm-9.30pm

Explore areas between figurative and abstract painting. Work from sketch to finished painting, using expressions of mood through colour, composition, texture and line, looking at abstract artists' work, within this virtual studio setting.

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Virtual Studio with Mick Kirkbride

Thursdays 10am - 1pm

A weekly studio-based lifedrawing class with the option to join remotely. Drawing from a nude model with both short and long poses this class explores measurement, spontaneity, line, tone and colour.

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HSoA Virtual Tutors

With the guidance of our award-winning artist-tutors, every student is supported through their learning journey.

What art materials will I need?

The materials you need depend on the class you choose. You will find a downloadable materials list on each of the class pages and it's also provided with your receipt when you book.

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What equipment will I need?

A desktop PC/Mac, laptop or tablet with an up to date internet browser (ideally Google Chrome or Firefox) and Zoom installed, a good internet connection, well lit room and your materials.

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When does it start?

HSoA Virtual Programme Spring Term 2021 starts on January 4th 2021

"All students, whether studio based or remote, are given equal tuition and personal feedback."

"When I am unable to attend, flexible learning works wonderfully for me with excellent instruction from Dolph."

"Regular critiques facilitate full integration by allowing the work of all students to be seen."