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Animal Sculpture

Animal Sculpture

Make the animal/s of your choice in clay or wax using drawings and photos for reference. We will be looking at anatomy, form, texture and expression.

Suitable for all levels.

There will be a small additional charge for the wax during the workshop.

Located in HSoA Chapel Studio -
Hampstead Cemetery Chapel
Entrance gate from -
68A Agamemnon Rd, London NW6 1EH

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Patricia Barker

A very experienced sculpture teacher and practitioner who has been teaching sculpture since 1991. Patricia is a figurative sculptor who works primarily in stone, but also in clay and wax. She aims to imbue her carvings of the figure with feeling and a sense of presence. Patricia has exhibited her work at The Discerning Eye, RBA, SWA and is a member of Chelsea Art Society, where she received a sculpture award in 2015 and 2016.

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Patricia Barker Sculpture