Posted Thursday, 20 July, 2017 by Isabel Langtry

Autistic Artist Tumi Yenwotume exhibits at HSoA

Mayor of Barnet Councillor Brian Salinger visited Hampstead School of Art to see the wonderful work on display by artist Tumi Yenwontume.

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Isabel H Langtry, Principal said:

“I am delighted to be exhibiting the work of Tumi Yenwotume. Since Tumi started working with us in the art school he has made a fascinating and diverse collection of paintings and drawings, winning several awards already with his expressive drawings and paintings which echo his inherent need to create art and the love of it. With his altered state of consciousness and limited sight, Tumi’s work is pure intuitive aesthetics. His deep inspirations and personal messages come to the surface in these artworks, converging, hinting at a complex world that is also fuelled by music and film and present in his lyrical echolalia. Giant of British abstract art painter Alan Gouk visited the show yesterday and praised its sensitivity and use of colour, high praise indeed."

The exhibition has generated huge interest and has now been extended until 1 August.

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