Angela Leible
— Artist-Patron

Angela Leible is a Chilean painter whose practise is informed and inspired by mythology and landscape, animals and what nature means to her.

Working in Santiago, Chile, her work is large scale and impacting. I am grateful for Angelas knowledge skills and insight into the creative process and for inspiring us to be the best artists possible and for being Patron of Hampstead School of Art.

“My poetic position unites the two Americas in a story that began 40 thousand years ago; the stepped space that goes from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and everything that lives in it, we as a species, acting as a single being with the animals, “the pure teachers”. Angela Leible

Her exhibition of large scale paintings ‘Anima Mundi’ is now art school legend. The catalogue available from the art school office.

Angela Leible at work large scale painting

Anima Mundi Angela Leible Digital Catalogue 2022 HSoA Publishing