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North London’s oldest, non-profit dedicated to art-making and learning centre in North London.


HSoA was founded by Hampstead Artists’ Council (HAC) in 1946 as a community art education charity by Jeanette Jackson and Bernard Gay with the patronage of Henry Moore and other local artists, and we are proud to be the oldest, non-profit, art-making and learning centre in North London.

When you consider which charities you will be supporting next, please consider HSoA. The support of our patrons, benefactors and donors enables us to extend our offering by creating new art based cultures, delivering inspiring learning and strengthening our community.

We are grateful to The Buchanan Friendship Foundation for their generous support of the art school.

Building on our foundations

Following the completion of a new state-of-the-art building in June 2016 at the centre of Hampstead’s Kidderpore Green development, Hampstead School of Art is entering an exciting new phase. We continue to offer a centre of excellence for contemporary art, reaching a diverse range of people and helping them find their voice through art practice and appreciation, and are looking to extend the building with a new library and resource centre.

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HSoA's modus operandi is inclusive, not elitist

Our bursaries and fees assistance programme ensures individuals of all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn at HSoA and are only available through the generosity of our benefactors and supporters.

Working together in the community

Through our outreach and community partnership programme, we are able to further extend our learning, development and well-being provision to those that are unable to physically attend the school. This is only made possible by the continued support of our donors and community partner organisations. We are honoured to once again be made a charity beneficiary for Hampstead Summer Festival and this additional financial support enables us to sustain and grow the work we do in the community.

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