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Jan Malaszek
— Tutor

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Jan studied painting at Maidstone college of art in Kent, followed later by a MA in printmaking at Camberwell and teacher training (PGCE) at the university of Greenwich. As an artist he works primarily in the areas of painting, drawing and sometimes printmaking. Jan's approach is process based but has wide ranging interests which may inform what happens in the studio. Over the past 15 years or so his work has dialogued with photography and more recently film. For example a recent project was based on the park scene from Antonioni’s 1967 film ‘Blow-up’. The paintings starting points were a combination of film stills, his own photographs and drawings of the location as it is now. A concern with the overlap between the fictional and the actual and the multi-layered nature of places and events is echoed in my use of materials and techniques.

Jan teaches ‘Painting from Photographs and Individual Projects’ at HSoA, on Wednesday morning.

Jan Malaszek