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Theresa Pateman
— Tutor

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After studying Foundation, and gaining a BA at Coventry School of Art & Design, Theresa worked as a Free-lance Illustrator using Linocut and Monoprint, editioning for artist-printmakers, and learning about etching techniques. With a group of fellow graduates, she was awarded a Prince’s Trust Grant to set up a Screen-printing Workshop.

Printmakers Inc. was formed in 2010 with four other established printmakers for a pop-up shop funded by Camden Council, exhibiting in Hampstead AAF and HLSI Gallery. In addition to curating she has collaborated with artists to create successful Mixed Media shows.

She is a founder member of Southbank Printmakers Gallery, a committee member of PMC. Exhibiting throughout the UK, including the RA, Mall Galleries, and Barbican. Her work features in collections at the V&A, Metropolitan University, Scarborough Art Gallery and worldwide.

She has a studio in Kingsgate Workshops, London.

“There are so many techniques used within the realm of Printmaking, from Renaissance to the present day – I enjoy the alchemy and journey of discovery – the final reveal. I love the glowing colours and textures that inks can create on paper. I work in many different mediums, but prefer soft ground etching.”

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