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Xiaolan Gu
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Xiaolan holds an M.A. degree in Fine Art & Illustration from Kingston University. She worked as a professional designer in her native China and is a member of both the Chinese Association of Fine Arts and the Watercolour Painting Society in Shanghai and Anhui. Xiaolan teaches Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Arts & Crafts at several schools and on adult education programmes in the UK. She has contributed to exhibitions and demonstrations of Chinese Art at the Victoria and Albert and British Museums and at other venues in the UK and in China. She has exhibited in China and the United Kingdom and her work has appeared in contexts ranging from exhibitions to a range of commercial design applications including international trade shows, signage at Hong Kong Airport and packaging and marketing material for a UK importer of Chinese tea. Nowadays, Xiaolan paints for her own pleasure and regularly revisits China on ‘painting tours’ in search of inspiration.

Xiaolan teaches Chinese Brush Painting on Monday mornings and afternoons

Click here to see Xiaolan talking about her panorama of London viewed from the Shard.

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