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Daily Creative Challenge - GetCreativeHSoA

Let your imagination out to play!

Header image curtesy of HSoA Tutor Tony Wigg.

Here at HSoA our aim, as ever, is to support our community by keeping our staff and students safe, healthy and happy. As a community art education school we are committed to delivering art studio based teaching. During the Covid19 closure our aim is to continue to provide a creative outlet. Please take part in GetCreativeHSoA daily challenge.

Please send images of your work into the art school office info@hsoa.co.uk, where we will put them onto this page, with your name if wished and any other brief information

Each Daily Challenge is designed for the whole family or any age, all abilities, please interpret them in your own way. We look forward to seeing and sharing them with others.
All best wishes from the HSoA Team.

Today's challenge is to 'Listen to HSoA Patron Frank Bowling talk about his experience of arriving in Europe https://www.bl.uk/voices-of-art/articles/elena-crippa-frank-bowling#. Imagine arriving on a boat in a new land, or perhaps you have had a similar experience yourself so can draw from your own memory. What does that land look like? Create a drawing of your imagined (or real) experience'. - Martin Darbyshire

Below are the artworks sent in for our GetCreativeHSoA daily challenge.
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