Practical Creative Studies & Inspiration

Practical Creative Studies & Inspiration

Tools for Looking and seeing.

Drawing in a historical context. Approaches and techniques.

Introducing students to the rich variety of methods and ideas used by famous artists as they have created drawings. A different element of drawing will be explored in a presentation followed by practical work in the studio using observation to create drawings following the examples of great artists of history.

Each session will begin with a presentation showing examples of drawings from art history. This presentation will give a practical and historic context to the drawings we will make. It will outline the manner of drawing to be explored, and some considerations to direct students before we begin.

Each lesson will use object set-ups, the interior of the studio or views from the window to work from. Drawing directly from observation and towards the end of the session students are encouraged to review their drawings as a group and we will discuss what has been discovered.

Please bring your own materials: Papers, pencils, charcoal (willow and compressed), grey scale pastels, erasers, ink and ink pens, brushes.

Optional Materials: While this course does not directly engage with colour as a subject, if you wish to use colour you can. Students will be encouraged to explore collage as part of a drawing practice. While not mandatory, collage papers, scissors and Pritt Stick glue or similar will be needed by those wishing to explore this.

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