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Drawings – Fundamentals and Creativity

Drawings – Fundamentals and Creativity

A drawing workshop designed for both beginners and those with some experience. Working directly from observation, the workshop is intended to introduce students to two fundamental elements of drawing; line and tone and how these can be used to explore the creative possibilities of drawing.

The workshop's main objectives are to introduce students to the basic building blocks of drawing, those being line and tone. Observational drawings are made from a visual vocabulary comprising these elements which anyone can learn. We shall also focus on the awareness and understanding of these elements when they are coupled with strong observation and interpretation skills, which this workshop will help develop. Students will be guided and encouraged to see the many choices they have of the types of drawings they can make. Drawing is an act of editing and choosing what to include and exclude, which we will explore.

Gaining confidence in one's practice is another vital objective; encouraging students to value their own work, discoveries and development.

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