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Artist of the Week / Caroline Deane

Caroline Deane in her studio

'It feels great to work with Caroline Deane, a widely commissioned exhibiting painter, she guides you to go with your gut and express yourself and to keep pushing and trying different ideas. Caroline is a classically influenced contemporary artist, her own practice is rich and colourful, bold in colours as much as it is in form.

In her practice, Caroline fuses a range of colour palettes- whether figurative or object based, to create energetic pieces that are also delicate, responsive to the subject, and stand out with their sheer dedication and love for the subject. What a pleasure!'

Isabel H Langtry, Principal

Caroline talks to us about her painting and drawing practice

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am an artist based in South London. My work is regularly exhibited in London's West End, Art Fairs, and International galleries. In 1989 I received the British Council Postgraduate Scholarship Fund to study at Beijing Central Academy of Art. This experience, and the philosophy I discovered shaped my artistic process and visual language. I have translated the Chinese technique of ink and line into my own vision, which fuses the East and the West. Another early influence was a scholarship at the British School in Rome when I studied Italian Renaissance painting.
In my studio, I now alternate between Oil Painting and Life Drawing. The outcome of both can appear visually different, but what they share is the Eastern focus on the expression of the soul with an uncluttered mindset and rigorous application.

What does teaching mean to you?

My teaching is hugely important, and something I find richly rewarding. I have been teaching since 1987 and cannot imagine a life without it. My approach or aim with teaching is to not simply share my skill set and knowledge but to equip my students with the ability to find and their own visual language and mark making vocabulary. I am keen for students to share their influences of other artists so together we can discover our true selves.

What awards have you received?

The British Painters Mall Galleries Award, British Council Postgraduate Scholarship to Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art, Scholarship to British School in Rome, and Artist in Residence for the English National Ballet

And finally, could you tell us about the class you are teaching this term?

The class I am teaching is about learning and developing oil painting techniques. First with Still Life and then working from the model to explore the process of doing a head study or portrait. Students can expect to explore mark making, mixing colour, the role of the painting surface, pallet management, and influence exchange.

Classes taught by Caroline Deane

Thursday* Fundamentals of Oil Painting

*This is a six week class starting after half term at our Chapel campus.


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