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Artist of the Week / Henry Gibbons Guy

Henry studio

'It is a pleasure to work with Henry Gibbons Guy a painter with many awards to his name, including The Ruth Davidson Memorial Award and the Richard Ford Award, Henry spends time painting in France and Spain and brings with him a wonderful approach to teaching which is knowledge based and aimed entirely at the individuals need. Watching him in our HSoA studio's is like watching him paint, the developing artists are his tools and together they clarify and develop thinking and process hand in hand with materials. An inspiration.'

Isabel H Langtry, Principal

Henry talks to us about his painting and drawing practice

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and studied BA fine art painting at Glasgow School of Art. After many years of studio practice I moved to London to study Drawing at the Royal Drawing School – ostensibly for one year – but then fell in love with London and all the cultural opportunities it holds; I have been teaching at the Drawing School and Central Saint Martins for over a decade (BA Design and Short Courses).

What inspires you and your work?

I think I may be a landscape painter who never leaves the city! I find myself lurking in park bushes, looking for, waiting for, a moment, a form, a quality of light, to present itself. I look to inhabit a space; the drawing process is used to help me navigate, to understand. Perhaps it is ultimately to help me belong.
Hampstead Heath is a deeply affecting space – open and closed, intimate or expansive – it has been with me as a subject since first arriving in London.

What does teaching mean to you?

Making artwork by oneself can be a fulfilling yet lonely experience. I often work intuitively, unconsciously; the teaching allows conversations to be had, the creative experience is shared and the process can help clarify one’s thoughts and actions. It’s a privilege to be allowed to witness a students development, to be trusted to help; the student is supported not only by the tutor but by the group, who in turn can support the tutor.

What awards have you received?

The Ruth Davidson Memorial Award - a painting residency in the French Languedoc - and The Richard Ford Award, a drawing residency in the Prado Museum Madrid

And finally, could you tell us about the class you are teaching this term?

The Thinking Like an Artist course will include working directly from the life model, the still life and then into the idea of landscape, making connections between all three subjects. Composition, colour theory, tone and other formal elements will all be considered through painting and drawing. The aim is to encourage a deeper understanding of the picture making process, whilst supporting the students own individual needs.

Classes taught by Henry Gibbons Guy

Christmas Workshops

Fri 11 - Sun 13 Dec Still Life into Landscape; Transformed and Abstracted
Fri 18 Dec Monoprinting

Spring Term

Monday Morning Drawing and Painting - Thinking like an Artist
Monday Afternoon Drawing and Painting - Thinking like an Artist


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