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Artist of the Week / Jose Sanchez Peinado

Jose Peinado

'As an artist himself, Jose is passionate about sharing techniques and the knowledge of materials, processes, and of making artworks with others. Jose encourages students to think like artists, he sees each student as a creative individual and is driven to share the passion that drives him. With great knowledge of art history, art processes and the approach that there is always more to know, Jose is always excited about discovering something new with a student and this guides the artistic process. Best of all I love working with Jose because he understands the complexity of the creative mind.’ Isabel H Langtry, Principal

Jose talks to us about his painting practice

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Spanish artist based in London who works in figurative painting. I studied painting at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), after which I followed my passion for 'plein air' painting by travelling across Spain to record the landscapes. Over the past year, I have been exploring figuration using watercolours.

What inspires you and your work?

I am inspired by the environment around me and the people I meet. These daily encounters become the subject for paintings. I also paint cultural figures that influence me, particularly musicians.

What does teaching mean to you?

For me, teaching means being able to share experiences with students from a wide demographic. A relationship which I see as mutual. I am very lucky to be able to teach great students at Hampstead School of Art. When teaching I like to think that I want to be the teacher I never had, the one from whom I hoped to learn everything I could about painting. I also try to put myself in their shoes by remembering what I thought about life when I was their age.

What awards have you received?

I have a portrait painting in the forthcoming ING Discerning Eye exhibition, which this year will be online. Other awards include fast painting competitions; Corral de Almaguer Pintar R (2018), Carrión de Los Condes (2018) and Fuencaliente (2018).

And finally, could you tell us about the class you are teaching this term?

The class of this term is focused on the students to prepare their GCSE. However, we also work on still life, so that students can learn the proportions of objects, how to take measurements and to understand ways to observe reality. There are other modalities that we work on in the class, such as landscape painting or portrait. The students always have the possibility to decide what they want to do, and I am a tool for them to develop their ideas.

Spring Term Classes taught by Jose Sanchez Peinado


Thursday afternoon Drawing is Seeing - An introduction to Drawing for Beginners


Sunday morning Portfolio Workshop (Year 10-12) GCSE & A-level
Sunday afternoon Portfolio Workshop (Year 10-12) GCSE & A-level


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