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Artist of the Week / HSoA Tutor Leanne Commins

Leanne Commins

“Leanne has a wonderful skill in her ability to observe what the individual learner is interested in and find ways to develop their unique voice. She is generous in sharing her personal discoveries which engaging and extending personal development and investigation into the materials and its time-honoured processes” Isabel H Langtry, HSoA Principal

Leanne talks to us about studio ceramics, community engagement and her passion for teaching.

Leanne, please tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a recent graduate of Central Saint Martin's BA Ceramic Design course. I'm passionate about the arts and the benefits they have on the wellbeing of individuals as a cathartic and rewarding process of learning and expression. I'm also the co-director of Mud Gang Pottery C.I.C, a community-engaged pottery studio in Southeast London that runs charitable campaigns in partnership with local organisations.

What inspires you and your work?

I make both functional and non-functional ceramics, with part of my practice focusing on the environment. Most of my work is handbuilt, in particular pinched or coiled. Sustainability is very important to my practice; understanding the longevity of ceramics and fundamentally understanding the finiteness of the materials involved in its production, the energy it consumes and the waste it produces and carrying this forward into a mindful and experimental way of working and teaching.

What does teaching mean to you?

I really enjoy working with students and watching them learn, grow and progress with their own artistic endeavours and it is a privilege to be able to support them along that journey.

Please tell us about the recent awards you received?

For my graduation exhibition, I received the Potclays Graduate Award and was shortlisted for the NOVA Award and Maison/0 Green Trail Award.

And finally, could you tell us about the classes you are tutoring this term?

I'll be teaching both children's and adults' classes this term across the subjects of painting, drawing and pottery. My classes are planned around particular techniques to explore or artists to be inspired by. It is important to me that students have a positive experience in their classes with me and during their time at Hampstead School of Art; I'm constantly reflecting on the likes and dislikes of my students and adapting my lessons to engage with their interests and gently encourage them to try things that are out of their comfort zone at a pace that suits them.

Book your place on Leanne's Autumn term classes.

For children

Saturday morning Children's Drawing (Year 5+)
Saturday afternoon Painting & Pottery, Children's Drawing, Painting & Pottery (Year 4-7)
Saturday evening Techniques in Clay (Year 8+)
Sunday morning Children's Painting & Drawing (Year 1-4)
Sunday afternoon Children's Painting & Drawing (Year 4-6)

For adults

Tuesday evening Ceramics & Hand-Building with Clay
Thursday evening Hand-Built Ceramics
Friday morning Studio Ceramics
Friday afternoon Studio Ceramics


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