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Brighten Someone’s Day!

Young Students Summer Exhibition 2019

Reaching out to students & the wider community

As a community art education charity, we see it as our role to connect not only with our students but with the wider community. The HSoA Bursary Programme supports aspiring artists to attend the HSoA Foundation and Advanced courses while our Community Programme encompasses both students with learning differences and out-reach programmes that are designed to help vulnerable people in the community.

Impact of COVID-19

The Hampstead School of Art family is connected by our love of art, creativity, and community! Our current situation has meant that at least 25% of adult HSoA students have not returned to the school this autumn because they are shielding from coronavirus. Also, many of us have family members in care homes or residential homes, who we cannot see as much as we would like.

With announcements from the government regarding higher infection rates and possible restrictions imminent we would like to send messages to as many of our family and friends as possible to help brighten their day and to let them know that they are in our thoughts!

How will it work?

Artwork created in our children’s half-term workshops would certainly raise a smile, if not a tear, so we ask your permission to take a photo of your child’s work to create cards sending all our best wishes to, not only our immediate HSoA family, but also those presently isolated from our community who might benefit from something that will bring a smile to their face!

Step 1

Children Painting Group Canvas

We will take a photo of the class with each child holding up a piece of their finished work (so it covers their faces), scan it and return it to you.

Step 2


The group photo will then be used as a card to send to HSoA students who are unable to attend the school.

Step 3

Children Year 8 Felicitas Aga

A collage of work will be created from each workshop and displayed on a canvas. This will be sent to care homes and residential homes for them to hang on their walls.

Step 4

Mr franklin

Parents can order personalised cards or gifts to give to their own family members or friends via our online shop. Proceeds will go towards the HSoA Community Programme that has been so valuable to many during the pandemic.

Please help us Brighten Someone’s Day! We'll be in touch by email soon with further details.


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