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HSoA Gallery | Recent Painting by Rachel Tooth

Rachel tooth

6 February - 8 March 2024

Private View
Wednesday 7 February, 6-8.30pm
RSVP to info@hsoa.co.uk

I am delighted to be exhibiting the recent paintings of Rachel Tooth at HSoA Gallery.

When looking at Rachel’s painting I always feel conscious of an certain inner source. This source seems somewhere between the heat of Sri Lanka - where Rachel grew up and the passion that runs through Rachel’s work which is based on exploration, connection and a highly developed delicate sense of colour.

The works range from a particular and courageous confrontation of scale from the monumental to the intimate, often creating open fields of colour that conjure climates, aromas even.

Rachel’s inner sources are expressed through recognised conventions, which utilise both technique and subject matter, reflecting her objective to be expressive. Sharing with us a wonderful flamboyance and sometimes a very disciplined attention to the dramatic.

The work resists stylistic categorisation as the influences are so wide ranging, cultured.

I love to look closely at the canvas surface- so carefully considered, and read the brush strokes. I am conscious that the materials used, the canvas, the paint are of the best quality. The handling of this paint is confident and the technique’s of finishing classicly informed with their layers of glazing.

These are adventures into a world of the imagination, responsive, many delivering in my mind, concentrated amounts of vitamin C and D, pure delight.

- Isabel H Langtry, HSoA Principal

Recent Paintings by Rachel Tooth PV Invite


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