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HSoA Gallery | Reunion Exhibition 2023

Reunion Exhibition PV

"I am delighted to be exhibiting the artworks of alumni at the Hampstead School of Art Gallery.

As the title implies this exhibition creatively reunites six graduates from 2015 showcasing their current practises. All six graduates are now working professionally as fine artists, running busy studios in the USA or in London. Exhibiting together is a wonderful way to reconnect and to celebrate each other’s achievements, rekindle friendships, further reconnect with the art school and is testament to the dedication and the passion each exhibitor has for their chosen discipline.

All the exhibitors have had personal exhibitions since graduating, some involved in HSoA projects and collaborations, many have since studied at other prestigious UK and USA art school faculties, received awards and entered into private collections.

I know that their work will encourage and inspire current students and visitors to further their creative potential.

Many thanks to the curator Tony Wigg who has so meticulously planned and prepared the exhibition fulfilling the curators role of taskmaker, facilitator and catalyst, meeting withthe artists and realising a deep connection with the work through its selection and effective communication over the last few months to create this very enriching public experience.

I look forward to following the progress of each and everyone of you." - Isabel H Langtry, Principal.

Reunion Artists:
Rosanna Gardner
Tedi Lena
Roberta March
Averil Nottage
Vivek Pereira
Abigail Yentis

Catalogues available at reception.

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