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'Pivotal Painting' Abstract Paintings by HSoA Studenst - Postponed

'Pivotal Painting' Abstract Paintings by HSoA Studenst  - Postponed

HSoA is a catalyst for invention. Working from within and outside traditional art thinking, the abstract painting which I am delighted to be exhibiting, is now viewed as a key style contained within the Modern Art movement.

Pioneered by HSoA patrons Alan Gouk and Frank Bowling OBE, RA, both celebrated for their aesthetic exploration of the architecture of paintitself, alongside composition, placing emphasis on colour and emotion. HSoA artists focus on the processes and methods involved in the making of paintings, guided by artists Anniek Verholt and Desmond Healy who pay particular attention to the evolution of artists' unique styles, voices and differing approaches.

The enduring contributions made by our patrons whose artwork hangs alongside theirs in this extraordinary exhibition, remain pivotal as influences in thinking and making.

An abstract painting workshop team-taught by Alan Gouk and Anniek Verholt will be offered to the HSoA community during the exhibition.

Isabel H Langtry, Principal HSoA