Hampstead Printmakers Exhibition at Lauderdale House

By HSoA Team
Hampstead Printmakers

A show of Original Prints from Adult Printmaking Classes at Hampstead School of Art & Print NW6 Studio curated by printmaking tutor Theresa Pateman.

The definition of an Original Print –as opposed to Giclée or Inkjet Print – is that the artist/printmaker would have some part in hand making the final image - working from a surface or matrix - be it metal, wood, plastic, or card.
Once ink is rubbed or rolled in/onto this matrix, the image can be transferred and reproduced onto any other surface – in this case paper.
“Scratching and Etching” are processes used to create Intaglio Prints, and all original prints - unlike a Giclée Print - require much more intervention, and heartache, grappling with these methods - from start to finish.

There are professionals and beginners alike within this collective, many of them are local to the area.
As a group they have shown at HSoA, University Women’s Club, Millfield Art Centre, Burgh House & Kingsgate Workshops Gallery.

Techniques used in this show include: Drypoint, Etching, Mezzotints, Monoprints, Photo-etching, & Relief Printing.

Hampstead Printmakers “From Scratch to Etch”
Lauderdale House Upper Gallery October 2nd – 28th 2019

Printmaking & Etching tutor Theresa Pateman. Monday 10-1pm & 2-5pm. £295.


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